About Radial menu

Author: Boris Mudrinić ("Learning one" on AutoHotkey forum)

Contact: See contact page.

Powered by: AutoHotkey - the ultimate automation scripting language for Windows.

Thanks to: Chris Mallett, Lexikos, Tic (Tariq Porter), Majkinetor (Miodrag Milić), HotKeyIt, Rseding91, Fincs, Jackeiku, TomXIII, Sean, TheGood, Bentschi, Elesar, None, Me Lance, Patchen, SpeedY, Preston, and others...

Forum: Radial menu scripts topic on AutoHotkey forum.

Website: Radial menu website.

Components: Radial menu application consists of following components:

Default hotkeys - how to "call" radial menu (can be customized):

Editor: To edit radial menus, select Radial menu designer item from Menu control. To learn how to use it watch Radial menu designer (RMD) - Quick tutorial video.

License: Included in main download package.

More info: Select Help item from Menu control submenu.